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Our Services


Cake design

We specialize in Fondant, Buttercream and Icing cakes featuring 40 different flavors made fresh to order

Menu Planners

Do you need catering for your office party or holiday event? Let us know how many people you have and if there are any allergies, we will put together a few selections for you


Best Cupcakes

Winner of 6 awards including Best Bakery and Best Desserts, we feature four different sizes of cupcakes and use either icing, fondant, ganache or edible images.


Awesome Recipes

We have hundreds of recipes on hand and welcome you to supply us your own recipe to use for your order!



Winner of Best Desserts, 2014, our in-house pastry Chef creates amazing treats for walk-ins and to go, request anything


Home Delivery

We deliver 7 days a week, $5 to 01453 and can deliver up to 50 miles. Scheduling required

Brenda Boudreau – I’m gonna write one stunning review for you

You are amazing. I can’t wait to tell everyone how much you care about your clients. I’m gonna write one stunning review for you. You deserve it thank you

Kara Boulay – Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Just had to tell you…the Chocolate Buttercream #11 birthday cake you made for my daughter this past weeknd was extrodinary! I am going to gain 20lbs., because I cannot leave the leftovers alone! 

Shancakes Team


Customer Service and Everything Guru


Cake decorator, Customer Service


Shannon Sylvia

Shannon is the owner of Shancakes, icing and fondant cake goddess, webmaster and marketing guru.


Laura Casey

Shannon's mom, Laura Casey, has been a valuable asset to Shancakes since day one. She makes the most incredible authentic Italian cookies using the family's recipe.



Bea is from Le Cordon Bleu, works in customer service, bakes, decorates

Our Prices


$250+ - Wedding Cakes

Cake tasting fees are free when you book your cake!

  • Tiered cakes in fondant or icing

  • We can match your photos or create a new idea

  • Setup and delivery up to 50 miles



$30 - Custom 8 inch birthday cake

Call us in the morning its ready by afternoon!

  • Fresh made the day of your order

  • Add a photo to your cake $7

  • Upgrade icing to Dutch Creme $5



$22.20 - Dozen cupcakes

Cupcakes catered to your event style from simple to elaborate

  • Choose from a variety of picks

  • Choose from a variety of fillings

  • We also offer fancy decorated, XL and wrapped



$1.95+ - Cake Pops, Custom Cookies

From custom cake pops to wrapped cookies for your shower, wedding or birthday

  • 4.5 inch iced cookies in dozens of designs

  • Simple swirled or character cake pops in 12 flavors

  • all come wrapped and bowed, tied



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