How do I place an order?
You may place an order three ways: (1) on our secure website, (2) in our retail store or (3) call us and speak with one of our sales associates at (978) 840-4343 during business hours.

What is included in the price of a decorated cake?

Along with your inscription, we offer standard decorations such as: roses, iced balloons, borders, other flowers, metallic ribbons, edible glitter and more. We also offer beautiful seasonal and holiday standard decorations. Upgraded decorations will be quoted to you upon ordering.

What if I want a certain TV show, movie, comic or other copyrighted character on my cake that is not on

Shancakes upholds to all copyright regulations.  We have legal access to a larger variety of figurines and edible images but we cannot draw or recreate characters or their likeness on our baked goods.  If your character is not online please call in for possible availability.

Can you print a photograph on an edible sugar sheet for my cake? 

Yes.  Send in your picture to or bring in a hard copy, wallet size or larger, to be scanned in and returned with your order. If emailing, please make sure your picture is in JPEG format and high resolution. Photos downloaded from the internet do not make ideal prints because of their low resolution. Please note that the size of the edible image on a cake is determined by the space available with decoration.  Largest size of edible image is 8*x10*.

Can you do 1/2 and 1/2 flavored cakes? 

Yes. For a $2 fee we will split your order into two different recipes. We can make a 1/2 sheet or full sheet cake with two flavors.

Should I refrigerate my cake?

We use real buttercream on our cakes. It’s always recommended you keep your cake cool to prevent sagging or melting in your vehicle or home.

Does Shancakes sell candles and cards?

Yes.  We sell a variety of candles and beautifully handcrafted cards from contemporary to traditional. Single candles are free of charge, just ask!

Will my cake look like the photo online made from another bakery?

Our cakes are hand decorated may vary slightly from sample pictures depending on the personal technique of the Cake Decorator that customizes your cake.  Decoration may also vary from the size and shape of your cake. Since we are not the original creators of the cake you found online, we might not know what tools/techniques or materials they used for their design. We will do our best to recreate the image using our creative and artistic talents.

Can my cake be made entirely of black, blue or dark color? 

Dark colors of icing such as red, black, royal or navy blue, etc. may temporarily stain your mouth and could permanently stain clothes, carpeting and furniture.  Dark icing may also have a bitter taste due to the amount of dye used to make the vivid color. We may make recommendations that will best suit your needs.

Why do “Sculpted” and “Cut-Out”cakes only come with buttercream for a filling?

When sculpting or cutting out a cake it would be very difficult to keep a fruit type of filling from coming out the sides of sculpted cake.  Therefore, by using only buttercream as a filling it allows us to create different types and sizes of sculpts and allow the cake to keep its shape without falling.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Depending on the type of order you are placing, we require a minimum 48-72 hour notice.  It is always best to place your order as early as possible to ensure that we will be able to accommodate your needs. Many times we are booked out completely on Fridays and Saturdays, our busiest days, and may not be able to accept any more last minute orders.

Do I need an appointment to come in for a highly decorated cake?

You will need to make an appointment to consult with us for most highly decorated cakes. It takes time to discuss details, go over photos and options, we will ensure that we will have enough staff to cover the floor while a manager sits with you exclusively to discuss your cake. We can also do consults over the phone or email.

Do you ship cakes? 

We cannot ship cakes at this time. We tried in the past but carriers such as UPS, USPS and FedEx cannot guarantee that the boxes they ship will be cared for and not tipped, thrown or destroyed upon delivery. We can ship other items easily such as cookies, brownies, cake pops, biscotti, scones, mini pies, cake cups, chocolate meatballs and more!

What if someone in my party has food allergies? 

Please notify us if your order needs to be Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Soy-free, Egg-free or Nut-free. We are Allergan Certified and can accommodate your custom order for a small additional fee.

What if I need to cancel my order? 

There is a window of time you can cancel your order without penalty, please visit our Policy page here for more details. The policy page also details what to do in the event you are not happy with your cake or there is an error or problem.

Do you offer gift certificates? 

We sell gift certificates in ANY denomination and can mail a certificate anywhere. We can accept your cash or credit for the gift certificates in person or over the phone.

Do we offer internships/externships and are you hiring? 

For information on internships/externships or cake decorating positions please email your resume to

Do you cater? 

We can cater any event for desserts. We offer platters of all kinds, cookies, cannoli, brownies, Madeleines, Macaroons, strudel, etc. We can also do cupcake tiers, Petit Fours, mini whoopie pies and anything off our online menu or to your suggestion according to your budget and head count. We will deliver and set up at your location. For pricing inquiries please call or email us. Catered orders $250+ will come with free delivery.

Do you offer Delivery for everything?

Yes. Delivery to Leominster for orders $50 and under is just $5. We deliver to a 50 mile radius for all orders including wedding cakes. Please inquire within on an exact price.

Do you have a minimum order for custom cupcakes?

You are welcome to pick out as many cupcakes from our retail display case  as you wish for a variety from our fresh selections of the day. If you wish to order from our 35+ flavor list the minimum is one flavor per dozen as we make every batch of cupcakes fresh just for you. Every recipe is custom.

Feel free to check out the new SELF SERVE Cupcake Dessert Bar to fill, frost and top your own cupcakes with a choice of 16 toppings!

Do you have cakes on hand? 

Our cakes are fresh made to order at this time, a policy that we take great pride in so we can serve you the freshest cakes, cupcakes and pastries in town. If you need a cake last minute, call us at (978) 840-4343 and ask if we can get one done for you asap that day. Most likely we can!

If your production slots are full, can you make an exception for our order because we just need a small cake?

Please understand the level of effort needed to make a small 6″ cake is the same level of effort needed to make you a larger cake.  In some cases it would take more effort because we have to modify our recipe to the smaller quantity. Rush orders if we can accomodate them, will be an additional $5 to $10. 

 What are your icings like?

We make an amazing unique  American buttercream.  All of our buttercreams are made with real butter and are all-natural and trans-fat free. We also use a high-quality home-made fondant for our covered cakes. We also offer a Italian Meringue Buttercream that we call “Dutch Creme” which is also fabulous!

Why did you assign me a scheduled pickup time for my order? 

If you scheduled a noon pickup and show up at 10 am for your cake, we may still be working on your cake’s design. All orders are fresh made to order as late as possible to insure 100% freshness. We do not make your cake days ahead like most bakeries and let them sit in a cooler. This makes us unique and people appreciate it! If you need to pick up your cake earlier just call us to assure it might already be done.

Can I save on a delivery fee and pick up my own wedding cake? 

Yes. You can pick up ANY orders of yours without an additional fee but we cannot guarantee your cake once it leaves the shop if we do not deliver it for you. The way you transport your cake, how level the surface was and temperature of your vehicle is unknown to us so any damage to your cake once it’s signed out is your liability. We require a two to three hour window for all wedding cake deliveries.

Are your cakes frozen? 

No! Our cakes are made fresh. Every batch of buttercream is made with a small Kitchenaid mixer to insure freshness and quality. Only custom sculpted cakes will be frozen ahead of time and you will be notified in this event, in order to shave and cut a certain dimension to your cake or topsy turvy.

Do you need a deposit to book my order? 

All new customers who are not in our database pay a deposit of 50% up front in order to place your order. All wedding orders require a 50% deposit in order to save the date and book the order.

Why is there a cake tasting fee? 

We reserve an hour time slot just for you and your loved one in order to bake you your cake samples that you’ve picked. Extra staff will be on hand at the store in order to free the owner or manager up for your appointment so they may sit with you to discuss your needs. The fee insures you are going to show up for the consultation. The $20 tasting fee is put towards your order when you book your wedding so the tasting is free!


  • If not included in the order cost, consultations including tastings can cost $25 to $100 per hour, though some bakeries provide this service for free. For example, Cake Dot[6] in Columbus, OH, offers a one-hour consultation with tastings of two possible cake flavors for $25. Meanwhile, Carlo’s Bakery[7] in New Jersey charges a non-refundable $100 fee to secure a cake consultation.
  • Cake delivery is not typically included in the price. Deliveries within the area can cost $24 to $55. Charm City Cakes charges $175 per hour for this service, and delivers within four hours of Baltimore