We can make almost any flavor VEGAN with our delicious VEGAN buttercream for an additional fee.
Fresh fruits & puddings added to cakes will make them a rich, moist, denser recipe.
We also make Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free!

Cake Flavors Frosting Flavors Flavor Fillings  Gluten-Free Flavors 
Gold Vanilla Chocolate Ganache Vanilla
White Strawberry White Chocolate Ganache Chocolate
White Confetti Lemon Creme Raspberry Preserve Confetti
Wedding Cake (Vanilla Almond) Orange Creamsicle Strawberry Preserve Wedding Cake
Fresh Strawberry* Chocolate Ganache* Cherry Fresh Strawberry
Chocolate White Chocolate Ganache* Blueberry Preserve Red Velvet
Red Velvet Peach Apricot Caramel
Purple Velvet Key Lime Chocolate Chip Cookies Pineapple
Caramel Mint Chip M&M’s Cherry Vanilla
Pineapple* Banana Creme Almond Joy Banana
Cherry Vanilla* Mocha Chocolate Pudding Marble
Banana* Pistachio* Vanilla Pudding Pina Colada
Devil’s Food Cake Irish Creme* Bavarian Creme Pistachio
Pink Lemonade Oreo* Caramel Lemon
Marble Citrus Buttercream Butterfinger Spice
Pina Colada* Amaretto Cream Cheese Carrot
French Vanilla White Chocolate* Orange Marmalade Chocolate Rum*
Banana Cranberry* Chocolate Oreo Strawberry Daiquiri*
Pistachio* Dark Chocolate Banana Creme Lime or Berry Margarita*
Lemon Raspberry Pistachio Fresh Blueberry
Butter Gold Peanut Butter* Coconut Orange Creamsicle
Spice Cream Cheese* Lemon zest Fresh Raspberry
Fresh Carrot* Cherry Vanilla White Chocolate  +$5 – $10 
Watermelon  French Vanilla Cheesecake
Lime or Berry Margarita* Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Fudge
German Chocolate  +$5.00 per layer or Dozen cupcakes
Fresh Blueberry*
Butter Pecan
Orange Creamsicle
Fresh Raspberry*
Purple Cow*
Caramel Apple*
Milk Chocolate
Apple Cinnamon*
Strawberry Lemonade*
Caramel apple*
Pumpkin spice*
*Additional fee of $4.00