No Cash Refunds (In Store Credit Only)

Custom Cakes, Wedding Cake Orders and Cancellation Policy

By picking up your cake or accepting delivery you are deeming your order as 100% acceptable. Any issues with design need to be discussed on the spot at time of pickup or delivery in order to rectify a solution. 

We strongly recommend you come in to our shop for placing a custom cake order, because we want to make sure that we design a cake that you envisioned. Our custom cake is priced based on the number of servings and the design complexity.

We recommend a minimum 1 week notification to complete your custom cake, depending on the design complexity.   Weekend dates usually fill up pretty fast.  You don’t have to make an appointment for a cake consultation. Please swing by between Tuesday – Friday 9:30 AM – 5 PM or please give us a call at (978) 840-4343 or email us with your event date to ensure availability. Our staff at the shop is trained to take your custom cake order and answer any questions that you have.

Please have an idea of how many servings, theme, colors, and any specific design ideas you have. We welcome your ideas and suggest you to bring inspirational materials such as invitations, pictures, magazines, stickers, or color swatches. If you represent a photograph of another cake made at another bakery, we are giving you our interpretation of that cake. We most likely cannot duplicate their exact techniques without being present while the cake was made.

How far in advance should I place the custom cake order?

As soon as you know the date of your event. We can only  accommodate certain number of cakes on the weekends due to our limited kitchen space. We recommend a minimum 1 week notification to complete your custom cake. Weekend dates  fill up pretty fast!

Wedding Cake Policies

There is a $200.00 minimum order on all wedding cakes.


You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. All of Shancake’s cakes, fillings, and frostings may contain or come into contact with soy, wheat, dairy, or nuts. You acknowledge that you are responsible for informing your guests of this allergy information.

It is recommended to reserve your date with us at least 3-6 months prior to your wedding date.  Since we only accept a certain number of cakes per day, it’s best to reserve early, especially for summer weddings.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your wedding date, which will be applied to your final balance. Final balance, and any adjustments to your order, is due a generous 14 days (2 weeks) prior to your wedding date.  Failure of the above will result in cancellation of your order.

Topper options such as bride and groom ornaments, flowers, bows, or monograms may be used. If a cake topper other than bows or candied flowers is going to be used, it is the responsibility of the bride/groom to get it to us one month before the wedding, as this will affect the design of the cake.

It is also up to the bride/groom to provide color swatches for us to use. We will strive to match your colors as close as possible. Keep in mind that some colors may change or alter due to lighting/sunlight.

All other Cake Policies (Birthday Cakes, Sculpted Cakes, Event Cakes)


*There is additional cost for  specialty diet cakes, cakes with fresh fruits, and nuts, egg Free, dairy Free, sugar free, gluten free cakes are available upon request. Minimum order is 1 dz cupcakes with the same flavor or a 6″ round cake. We do sheet cakes and square cakes as well. Prices for sheet cake are available upon request.

Rental Policy

We have a variety of cake stands that can be rented out. Please ask our staff for pricing.

We required a security deposit of $100 for any rental items and must be submitted upon placing the order. All rental items are due back within two business days after the event. Please be courteous and return the stand back to us within that time frame as we have other clients who will be using the stands within few days. Once the rental items are returned, undamaged, your security deposits is returned to you. Failure to do so, will result in additional charges.

Ordering and payment

We accept cash, local check, or credit cards. All of our cakes are custom-made and decorated to order. Since each item is one-of-a-kind,  our cake prices are based on the ingredients used and time required for assembly and decoration. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of order placement.

A credit card or advance payment is required to secure your custom order. Final payment is due upon pick-up or delivery on the established date. Prices do not include delivery fee. No order is final until we get all the information we need for the custom cake.

Cancellation and return policy

Due to varying degrees of intricacy for each cake design, cancellations deadline for all custom orders will be determined at the time the order is placed. Any changes (date, color, size, decoration, etc.) to the order must be done one week prior to pick up / delivery or there will be an additional of 10% change to the total order. Due to the limited spaces we have for weddings on any particular day, wedding cake cancellations are not refundable. If we are able to book another wedding in its place with enough notice, you will be notified of a possible refund.

Due to tedious, handcrafted nature of our products, we are unable to provide refunds or exchange custom cakes or cookies. Please contact us if you have any questions at (978) 840-4343


You agree to assume full responsibility for your event guests and agree to indemnify and hold Shancakes harmless from and against all bodily injury, property damage or consequential damages which may result from Shancakes’s services and provision of your event cake. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake, or shortage of cake, caused by a guest, caterer, or any other person not employed by Shancakes.. We are also not responsible for you not having an event cake supplied by Shancakes if you fail to complete all payments and deposits required prior to the event by the deadlines. If payment is not made in full by at least one week before the event date, NO cake will be made and your order will be cancelled. If you opt out of a professional delivery, Shancakes is not responsible for any damage to cakes in transport. You are responsible for transporting your order home safely & we are not responsible once an order leaves our premises.  Cakes should never be placed on seats! Place them on the floor board of the vehicle so that they are level.  Refrigerate cakes that will not be eaten within two hours of pickup. Wedding cakes must be in a cool environment, away from a warm heat source such as chaffing dishes, heating units, candles, etc. A tent is recommended for covering your cake/cupcakes from direct sunlight. This is imperative!


Shancakes’s obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation problems, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, acts of God, illness, or other causes beyond Shancakes’s control that make it impossible or impractical for Shancakes to perform. Should you choose to have your cake setup outdoors, we are not responsible for what happens to it, be it weather, insect, or animal. Any weather hotter than 74 degrees can affect your cake immediately. Be prepared.


Shancakes may take photographs of her cakes or may order copies of pictures from your photographer. We reserve the right to use any photographs for our own reference or for display and/or promotion without your consent or compensation to you.